El archivo Torremediada

El archivo Torremediada



Spring 1933. Ángela Salazar, a young woman from Madrid who recently graduated in Literature, accepts the commission to organize and open to the public a small library in Granada. But Angela's enthusiasm, which reflects that of so many young people in the amazing cultural effervescence of the moment, clashes with the apathy and incomprehension of a provincial city that is not very enterprising and suspicious of the social transformations that are beginning to take place in Spain. The year of the first Madrid Book Fair, the first summer courses in Santander and the first elections in which women have the right to vote, is also a year of growing ideological extremism that, without a decided desire for harmony, motivates an alarming deterioration of civility and public life, with violent altercations in the streets and serious government crises. Trapped by increasingly contradictory circumstances, Ángela comes into contact with a group of enthusiastic young people who will also collaborate in the opening of the Torremediada archive and library, a symbol for them of the ideals of a society that aspires to be, once and for all, modern and democratic. However, the personal conflicts of her new friendships and the progressive social tension will converge in unexpected events that will definitively disrupt Angela's life.


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El archivo Torremediada

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