Critical Thinking in Consumer Behavior:  Cases and Experiential Exercises

Critical Thinking in Consumer Behavior: Cases and Experiential Exercises



In the business world, the importance of what is known as "customer focus" cannot be overstated. It is widely recognized as a key to success in the marketplace. Governmental agencies utilize it as a primary criterion when assessing organizations that apply for sought-after awards that recognize excellence in business. The world's largest companies use it as a vital dimension in employees' performance evaluations. These same companies attempt to assess candidates on the "customer focus" standard as they apply for a job. Customer focus has become, in effect, a crucial doctrine in the world of business. And more than any other course in a business curriculum, a course in consumer behavior offers this essential knowledge.

In the study of business, most learning objectives involve the attainment of two types of knowledge—understanding and competency. An understanding of the concepts and theories of consumer behavior is typically attained through the textbook and assigned readings as well as classroom discussions. Competency with these concepts, or the ability to effectively use and apply these concepts to unfamiliar situations, is traditionally more difficult for students to attain. The cases and exercises included in this book are designed to give students the opportunity to critically analyze the fundamental principles of consumer behavior, and experience some of the complexities inherent in the application of these principles within realistic business contexts.

As you complete these cases and exercises, there will be times when you feel confident in your ability to apply the consumer behavior concepts you are learning to the task at hand, and there will be other times when it seems that you could not possibly have enough knowledge to complete the task successfully. Although you may sometimes feel that you are being "thrown to the wolves," remember that it is when the wolves are nipping at your heels that you discover how fast you can run. When you are working on those cases that seem particularly challenging, remember to review the relevant concepts in your class notes and your textbook, then trust your creativity and resourcefulness—this is what great business people are made of.

Lastly, have some fun with the cases. The study of consumer behavior is not quite like the study of any other topic in business. Enjoy these opportunities to gain a true customer focus. After all, this is what business is all about. -- Amazon Description





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Critical Thinking in Consumer Behavior:  Cases and Experiential Exercises

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