Bringing Research Data to the Ecology Classroom through a QUBES Faculty Mentoring Network

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The field of ecological research is in the midst of a data revolution. Best practices in the curation, archiving, and dissemination of data have received much attention over the past decade (e.g., Reichman et al. 2011, Whitlock 2011, Hampton et al. 2013). One result of these efforts has been a dramatic increase in open access data. Primary data associated with published manuscripts are increasingly accessible through supplementary materials, university repositories, journal-specific archives (e.g., ESA Data Registry), or public repositories (e.g., Dryad Digital Repository). Large-scale monitoring data from sensor arrays, field stations, state or federal governmental databases, and citizen science projects can be accessed on the web. Other important data streams include the digitization of biodiversity data from museum and university collections (Page et al. 2015, Holmes et al. 2016).

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