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There are close to 200 institutions of higher education in the US that claim a Catholic identity. The degrees to which the values and attitudes proclaimed by this identity are actually experienced by students on campus varies widely across the country. One of the defining influences on the institutional history and leadership composition of many colleges and universities founded by religious orders has been the availability of governmental monetary support, in particular during the last five decades. Federal and state laws regarding the use of public funds to support higher education at institutions with a religious affiliation have prompted changes in the culture of these organizations. This work provides an introduction to the relevant sources of aid, legislation and related documents affecting Catholic institutions of higher education, particularly in New York State. It presents a historical perspective and analysis addressing the degree to which changes in Catholic identity were prompted by attempts to conform to perceived or real aideligibility guidelines.


Presented at the Society of Catholic Scientists Origins Conference in Chicago, Illinois, in April 2017.

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