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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"The month of April blooms with fresh beginnings as a new spring season is welcomed to the Northeast. The streams are flowing, the birds are chirping, and the front lawns of the neighborhood are inhaling the green glow of new life after suffocating under the winter snow. Mother Nature energizes her creatures with a spirit of freedom. We're all especially amused by watching the playful antics of the squirrels. Our fuzzy little friends seem to be having so much fun. However, if we only knew the daredevil motives behind some of the squirrel stunts, perhaps we would see that their capering is not so carefree. We observe these actions as being cute - cheek stuffing, car racing, dog chasing - but they are nothing but dangerous! Human beings need to be exposed to the problem of squirrel hazing so that measures can be taken to end this cycle of self-destruction in the squirrel community."

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