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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"The water felt warm against her aching body. As she drew in a breath of jasmine and wildflowers, she laid her head back in the white bubbles that rested on the old ceramic of her bathtub. But the bubbles weren't really white, she thought to herself, as she lifted a handful up to her face. They were really more like many multicolored transparent spheres that were so very delicate and full of beautiful fragrance. There were hues of pink and lavender and subtle hints of gold that would show when she turned her hand to the light, and this made her smile, because it was ordinary. The perfect spheres of color that disappeared as quickly as they formed, had made her long for ordinary times. And she almost wished she could become one of these bubbles, to float and glisten with color and then disappear with a hint of beauty. If only it could be that ordinary again."

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