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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"As I changed my clothes, I felt as if I shouldn't be in her bedroom when she wasn't home, but I looked around, feeling slightly guilty as I stepped into my jeans. The room was neat, almost barren compared to my rooms, at home and at school, that were filled with overflowing bookcases and chairs covered with new pairs of jeans I had never hemmed and stuffed animals given to me by my mother and my first lover. Her room was so uncluttered it seemed almost pristine, despite the copy of The Joy of Cooking and the black wool wrap that lay on the bed. Her other books stood in a small bookcase opposite the bed - a set of Time-Life volumes on various geographic areas of the United States, a book on tropical fish, Betty Friedan . I told myself it was none of my business and returned my attention to dressing, but before I pulled my sweatshirt over my head, I noticed the two shelves of small clown and harlequin figurines hanging on the wall over the bed. It looked like a child's collection, but sitting in the corner next to the bookcase was the clown's big brother: a Pierrot doll about two feet tall, with a smooth, white, half-smiling porcelain face, dressed in a black-and-white satin costume."

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