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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"Thick snow crusted the trunks and sides of the sprawling limbs, burdening the old elms lining Hampton Road. The exposed black bark outlined the gnarled trees with the fine black, almost artificial, lines. During the night the snow had turned to icy rain, covering the trees with a clear thin film as the temperatures plummeted again. Twisted limbs and branches sagged from the weight, as the weathered trees were bowed. As I lifted the bathroom shade, I was awed by the eerie sight of those frozen leaning trees. The lights of the streetlamps chased each other down the street, darkness was everywhere except for a thin streak of pale violet morning light on the far horizon. I shivered from the cold damp of the bathroom tiles and, clasping the collar of my bathrobe tightly closed for warmth, I slipped out of the door to my bedroom to get dressed for school."

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