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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"The petunias along the walk border were at their best this year, fatties in lavender ruffles. The nasturtiums, never so large, blazed like small bonfires in their row of green foliage. The lawn, newly cut, was soft and shaded like plush. Paul sat at the wheel in the driveway waiting for his wife to take a final flick at her makeup. He was watching a squirrel that grappled with a nut at the edge of the drive then streaked up the trunk of a magnificent poplar with all its leaves twinkling in the sun. Had there ever been such a summers as this! Only in childhood. Only in the long, hot and lazy summer of Penrod, maybe. Rains at night to freshen the morning. Sun all day and red sunsets. It was a rare reward for a lifetime of northern winters."

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