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Sermons In Stones

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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"There was once a man who bought a farm in Scotland. The farm was located in a region of poor soil and severe weather. Scattered all over the fields of oats and barley were stones of various sizes. It appeared as if the stones had been set in their places purposely. The new owner first removed the stones, then seeded and manured his fields. The yield was scanty, so the following year he scattered the stones about the fields again. The yield was adequate. He repeated the experiment, with the some results. He concluded that either the stones acted as a wind-break for the grain, or the stones contributed some fertile clement to the soil, or else the sun's genial heat (reflected from the stones) raised the soil temperature a few critical degrees. In all probability, the three acted in concert. and the stony field perversely proved superior to the smooth."

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