The Angle

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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"Well, son, I don't think anyone really knew how he got it. Some said it was always his and that he was always there. Yet others said that he inherited it from his father. And many be1ieved that it was given to him by an impulsive woman - the Hester Prynne type - who, being in dire straits, had to get rid of it. A few even said that he built it himself when lie was a young man. Me? I never cared how he got it; the fact was that he had it and he was there. But I must confess I always wondered why, I mean with no boats coming into the harbor anymore. And did you know that he used to paint it white every spring? And that he used to put the light on every night? Every night it could be seen from the mainland. Going around and around and around. But why? No boats had come into the harbor for nearly twenty years."

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