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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"All of a sudden, on Christmas Eve, my old dog Prince decided to die. Me and my dad found him the next day stretched out in front of his doghouse with his leash all twisted around the old Chestnut tree. My dad said that he probably died of a broken heart because be couldn't catch Santa Claus and his reindeer (he thought I still believed in him). But I once heard that when dogs get old they sometimes die of mistemper. Besides, old Prince never would have noticed Santa, because as my dad used to say, "He's deaf in one ear and can't hear a thing out of the other," and he was getting kind of blind too. He was real old, old Prince was. He and I were the same people age, nine, but in dog's age he was a lot older, older than my grandmother who used to stay in bed all the time and cry every time me and my dad went to see her. Old Prince didn't Stay in bed though, and he never cried, except for one time when my big brother hit him in the side with a football. But, as I said, old Prince died, so me and my dad scraped away some snow, dug a hole, and buried him. We even put a wooden cross on his grave."

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