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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"Now under intensive study by educators throughout the country is a revolutionary method of teaching pioneered this year by Professor Alfred E. Neuman of Vauxhall University, North Dakota. In a recent interview Dr. Neuman explained exactly what his procedure had been this Fall Semester in the first trial of his daring new system. "I met with my class for ten minutes the first day and gave them lists of the books that made up the course, most of which could be found either in this or other campus libraries. I then informed them they were to be participants in an experiment to revitalize teaching techniques and to bring them to perfection. I told them, quite simply, that I would stay away from them altogether, that I would see them no more. Indeed, at a very great personal sacrifice to myself, I would keep myself aloof from them until January, when I would give them their examination." Dr. Neuman, watching the faces of the reporters, waived aside any cries of praise even before they could be uttered. But one of the reporters asked him how, even for the sake of elevating teaching, he could so deny himself the personal rewards that come from marking papers and preparing classes. "I will confess," he replied with a wave of a sun-tanned, dedicated arm, "that when this idea first sprang into my mind late one night, that very thought of such enforced idleness at once presented itself. But I had long since learned that teaching is a martyrdom, and indeed by this time I was ready to try anything."

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