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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"Some eleven minutes after the lunch period began, there were enough third graders out on the grounds to be organized into volleyball teams. Unnoticed, a boy strode to the cement back steps and, feet together, jumped down one step to another and allowed the momentum to carry him across the sidewalk to the other side of the street. He skipped over the blacktop of the garage area and darted into the neat, narrow alley between two ten-car garages. Running its thirty feet, he let his legs stiffen as he stomped into the quiet sun and onto a tar driveway that padded the entrance to two more ten-car garages. Legs and arms held stiff, he changed himself into a walking mechanical man till the drive began to rise. He walked up it, across the road and out onto the plain of unconverted land."

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