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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"Benjamin, a rather Frail boy of seven and a half, unhesitatingly walked through the forge puddle which obstructed his way. The water, especially toward the middle, proved too deep for his worn, patched rubbers. But Benjamin didn't mind a "soaker". In fact he rather enjoyed the momentary pleasure of the warm, muddy rain water on his feet. Nor did he even consider the scolding which invariably followed when he came home with his feet wet, his only unpleasant feeling arising when his feet later became chilly in the coolness of the June late-afternoon. His two older brothers would have been home from school long ago; first communion practice had detained him. Still, he would have been home earlier had he not remained after the others. When there were no people in the church he liked to walk its long aisles: he enjoyed the feel of the thick carpet as he walked: he imagined he might sink in it if he followed it through the small opening into the dark room next to the St. Joseph's altar and he always shivered and felt a kind of pleasant weakness when he approached it."

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