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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"The office of Rickwell, Syngayte and Burnn always surprised any visitor who knew how long the young agency had been in existence. The unexpected plushness could be traced to Mark Rickwell, who would not allow his treasured family name to appear on an unseemly portal. He had lavished a long-term loan on his son's firm at the time that the original partnership papers had been signed. He did not feel that he had gambled with his money, however; he had, frankly, been very pleased at his son's good sense in selecting Ross Syngayte as a partner. Mark Rickwell prided himself on his ability to recognize in youth the qualities that pointed toward business genius. In his few dealings with young Syngayte he had formed a strong admiration for Ross that he insisted was on purely rational grounds. But his son realized that his father had been charmed by flashing eyes and a strong, irregularly handsome face just as he himself had been."

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