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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"The souls of men are spiritual; the words written by men are the substance or body of their souls. These words, in Catholic Literature, are what join men to each other and to their Lord. In this way Catholic Literature is the spiritual enlightenment of all men. Through Catholic Literature, we arrive at a closer relationship to God. We understand Him better and feel closer to Him. This is shown through our moral attitude in life. We love our fellow-man because we realize our relationship to him. We know that all men as creations of one God are brothers in God's family. Catholic Literature lifts our lives on earth to a higher plateau. This plateau brings us much nearer to our spiritual God and much farther from our sensuous desires for material things on earth. It shows us the right paths for our endeavors on earth. It helps us to realize the benefits and the importance of better spiritual life and moral behaviour. Through simple words based on simple truth, it aids us in visualizing the earth and our civilization, simply and truthfully, as a stepping stone to be used by us in our preparation for an eternal life with our Creator."

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