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In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay's first paragraph.

"Undoubtedly the greatest struggle of philosophies the world has ever known is being waged in today's world. These philosophies, manifested in two diametrically opposed political ideologies, are now both dedicated to an embroglio which promises to shape the life of all mankind for years to come. It requires no great investigation to determine with what forces we are herein concerned. Clearly, the struggle between Communism and Democracy is one which is of utmost significance to all serious peoples. We daily follow the progress of the cold war ... the war of mental strategy, where men compete to capture the faith and support of the world. We, as Americans, and living in the stronghold of the Democratic system, the very stronghold which is the chief opponent of the Marxist theory in action, are very integrally a part of the great struggle. We are constantly made aware, by radio, television, newspapers, and every other possible means of communication, of the great threat posed by the ever-increasing power of Communism. We are constantly informed of the latest advances or defeats of the Iron Curtain. The oft times inhuman attitude of the Soviets is painstakingly made known to us despite the mask of peace which these people choose to wear."

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